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Ozarks Area Crochet Group: Links We Like!

Useful Links

For Beginners

Crochet stitch guides at Annie's Attic -- loads of stitches all on their site

Crochet stitch guides at Crochet Pattern Central -- a mind-boggling assortment of stitches, but they're all hosted on other sites

Crochet stitch guide for basics -- very good, easy-to-follow pictures, and a section on how to read a pattern

Crochet stitch guide at Hass Designs -- has videos, also shows the international symbols for the stitches

Multiple guides, including increasing/decreasing, decent illustrations but it's organized a little strangely....

Ornament Links

'Tis the season, yatta yatta....

Chenille Bear
This one takes something called "Lion Brand Chenille Sensations," but I think you could use their "Suede" if you canít find "Sensations."

Christmas Pickle
What tree is complete without a Christmas pickle? Seriously.

Christmas Pudding
Talk about something different for the tree! This is yarn, and it's cute.

This one's in yarn, but she says you can make a thread version to hang on a tree. I also wondered what it would look like to make one from wool, then felt it....

Ski Hat

There are squizzilion snowflake patterns out there. Trust me. Google it. Or better yet, go to, and use their iSearchiGive function (after you've signed up to support The Ships Project, of course!) -- each search donates a penny to TSP! And yes, "squizzilion" is the technical term for it. Here are a couple of my faves:

Southern Snowflake

Sweetie the snowflake

A petite stocking, worked in the round, with yarn. I think this pattern could be worked doubled in size, in wool, then felted.

Stocking Ornaments for the Unafraid
This is really the name of the page! They're great-looking, though. The pattern calls for thread, but they could easily be worked in yarn.


Little tree
This one is worked in white thread, in the example, but I think it would look great in green thread, and maybe worked with colored beads (for ornaments)

Pineapple-motif tree
Just what it sounds like: a pineapple motif, mutated a bit so it makes a tree-shape

This one's 3D, and there's no picture. If anyone makes one, please post a pic of your completed project to the Photos section!

There are so many sites on the internet that host crochet information! Even YouTube has some crochet videos on it.... Google yourself silly, and have fun!

Last updated 23 August 2012

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