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Ozarks Area Crochet Group Gallery!

Sure, it's tiny now, but it's going to grow!


Prayer shawls seem to be the order of the day....
Here's the back of Denise's:

                  And the front of Denise's shawl, complete with smiling crafter!

Donna's shawl

Linda went through a scarf phase. Obviously.... :D

                  And a few more of Linda's scarves. Many have already been

Linda made this shawl. And wouldn't model it. ;D

        ;          So, the scrawny figure is Clara's very own....

Like several of our members, Linda knits as well. Some washcloths.

                  A close-up of the snowman washcloth

Not really sure what this is, but Linda made it!

                  Clara made this tablecloth for her nephew as a wedding present.

Margaret's baby blanket and toy

                  Closeup of that adorable critter!


Robin's amazing owl afghan!

                  And a doll Robin made, complete with her wardrobe


Connie's coffee cup: This thing is actually the size of a large mug!
Turned out really well. She's a beginner, btw....
     Clara's insanely-giant rainbow doily: sixteen inches across, point to point.
A typically-strange interpretation of the technique of painted doily making.
Got a "black thumb?" Crochet your plants!
     Lori's edging: the quarter's for scale. It's lovely edging.
Lynn's Afghan of Invisibility.... (raised eyebrows).
     Russ' second project! He's really, really good at this!
A work in progress: Robin's current baby-ghan.....
     Yet another weird project from Clara: Jingles the Penguin
and his pal, Chillthulhu, made from the Tiny Cthulhu pattern.

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