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Ozarks Area Crochet Group

Welcome to our website! We're a loosely-organized group of crocheters -- no dues, no officers, we just get together to play with our toys. We're always ready to help: we'll teach crochet to newbies, or just give you a hand with your pattern.

We meet on the first and third Mondays of each month, at

The Library Center
4653 S. Campbell Ave.
Springfield, Missouri 65810

We have room bookings through March 2018. If you're not familiar with The Library Center, anyone at the Reference Desk can point you in our direction. Have a look at our coming events for specific dates and rooms.

We start around 5:30 p.m., and end whenever.... Because we're in a meeting room, we're allowed to bring food and drinks -- you don't have to dehydrate while you crochet!

We've had some inquiries: do we teach crochet? Yes! Do we allow other crafts? YES! We do draw the line at taxidermy, however. And no open flame - against library policy! We're even cool with you bringing a coloring book and crayons.... :D

Interested in our projects? Pop over to the gallery.

Want a tangible reminder of your visit to our site? You can print yourself a copy of our poster....

As we get our act together, we'll have more stuff on this site, so keep checking back!

Finally! Clara's Simple Hat Pattern is ready! Have a look! Try it out!

Our Local Resources page! It's early days for it yet, but check it out! And please, let me know if there's a shop or other resource you'd like me to list.

A page for Links We Like! If you want to submit a link (or fifty links!) I'll be glad to have them. However -- and this is one big "however" -- I'll only put a link on the page if the link's annotated. We want to know what you like about the site you've submitted; otherwise, we're no different from any other twelve-mile-long list-o-links out there....

Last updated 10 February 2019

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