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Ozarks Area Crochet Group: 2008 Holiday Potluck!

Attendance was sparse yet lively! Russ, Lynn, Susan and her husband John, Robin, her son Ricky, and his pal Cody, and of course, me, Clara.... Things started off normally enough:
We got to ogle Russ' recently-completed afghan:

     And Robin's growing baby blanket:

Susan worked diligently under John's, uh, "supervision"

     Russ multi-tasked, surfing and crochet....

Ricky and Cody were also mucking about with Rick's computer,
which steadfastly refused to connect to the library's wifi --
a piece of seemingly-random information that will be very important
later in the evening.... Okay, fine, Rick was mucking about, while
Cody drew some kind of weird symbol on the back of Rick's neck....

     Meanwhile, Lynn and Robin consulted over Lynn's current project:

Then -- wait for it -- things started to get a little odd....

For reasons we may never fully understand,

Lynn engaged her Afghan of Invisibility

                 Followed by the Tiny Plaid Ninjas Event!

Viewers, left to right:
Tammy (Reference Goddess), Russ, Cody (that hat. yuck.), Lynn, and Ricky

Then came the Battle of the Bands, our style! Russ and Rick, using their computers, and Cody with his cell phone, began a "top this!" musical interlude. I'm not sure if anyone actually won this, or indeed if it's even possible to "win" this kind of contest. The guys really went for it, though. Russ had wifi access, vastly increasing his arsenal. Cody ran interference for Rick, wildly flinging ringtones into gaps of silence while Ricky searched for tunes. It was loads of fun!

Robin and Lynn continued to try to crochet, though Robin realized she was losing count of her stitches. Lynn eventually settled for pulling out what she'd been working on and rolling the yarn.... I tried to finish my Coalthulhu (a black yarn version of Amber's grand little Tiny Cthulhu) only to find that I'm about 10" short of the purple embroidery floss I was using to add sparkle to his wee wings. *sigh*

So I put him away, and just enjoyed the rest of the evening....

Hot news! We've joined a webring, CrochetSite! Woohoo!

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Last updated 3 December 2008

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