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Ozarks Area Crochet Group on the road: Yarn Diva!

On 9 June 2012, a few members of our crochet group visited The Yarn Diva at Forsyth, Missouri. It's a grand little store, and so close, I foresee many visit in the future. Prices range from very affordable to "slight gasp but not fainting" - all quite in line with similar places and products.

Walking in the door: a comfy sitting area.


Many fiber crafts are involved here!

So many choices! But be aware, if you're allergic to wool: wool yarns are not
separated from "safe" yarns, so have a shopping pal check fiber content before you touch!


A decent selection of "hardware". Also available, some charming shawl pins, at the register.

Plenty of room to move - very important for squatting down to check cool stuff on lower shelves.... ;D


Nice selection of quilting fabrics, and books.

Dig that loom! There's a certain ombre yarn available, if you work it on that loom,
it makes a plaid shawl! So cool! You can see one in the front left of the pic.


The piece de resistance? The felted rooster. Hella cool!

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