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Ozarks Area Crochet Group: April's Frog Hat!

Once upon a time, young Tami was surfing the web. She chanced upon a charming wee doggie bonnet, shaped like a frog head. She coveted this hat. Not for herself, mind. It's important you understand that. At least, as far as we know, it isn't for her own head.... Anyways, April offered to create a version of The Famed Frog Hat! Watch it grow!

In the beginning was the head. The nekkid head. The head without a doggie hat shaped like a frog....
     Time passed. April, who is really very talented, created. Voila, the hat begins.... And fwiw, that isn't the pup's tongue, drooping down below the chin. 'Tis the finger of the pup's pop, holding her up!
A side view. Note how demure the model is. True class!
     The back. Methinks Bella shouldn't be photographed from the back. She looks a bit broad in the beam.... *snicker*

Last updated 10 February 2019

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